Looking for the Best Laptop for Medical Students in 2022? Here’s your answer.

Did you know that research indicates Medical students who regularly make use of technology, particularly laptops, have significantly more academic achievements than would non-usage?

So you have sweated blood and finally entered the noble profession of Medicine. Good for you.

It’s no secret that medical school is an exceptionally difficult and rigorous academic endeavor owing to the complex biological processes and physical phenomena you need to understand.

You will be forced to introduce different studying methods to keep up with the sheer volume and breadth of unique challenges medical school offers. News flash: This is where the best laptops for medical students will be of paramount help.

Still not convinced?

Get this: Keeping up with the technological advancements being adopted by medical schools, universities like Stanford have introduced VR(Virtual Reality) to ensure their students have better chances of providing patients with the best cure and care.

Infact, USCF in a blog post has mentioned how vital VR is becoming to equip students with the best medical training.

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Now let’s jump onto the list of the best laptops, shall we?

Bonus Tip: Don’t miss the excellent safety tips we have mentioned in the end which will help your laptop last longer.

Best Laptops For Medical Students In 2022 – At A Glance

1. LG GRAM – All-Day Battery
2. Huawei MateBook X Pro – Best for Graphic Oriented
3. Apple Macbook Air – Best in Aesthetics
4. Lenovo IdeaPad 710S – Highly Lightweight & Portable
5. ASUS VivoBook S – Rich Display & Aesthetically Pleasing
6. HP Elite x2 1012 G1 – Best 2-in-1 Convertible for Taking Notes
7. Acer Aspire 5 Slim – Best Budget Laptop for Medical Student

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Why Do Medical Students Need Laptops?

Instead of spending hours in the library or spending money on hardbound books & carrying them to school daily, a laptop will grant you access to a digital library that can be downloaded instantly. You can prepare your assignments, take notes, or prepare presentations in a jiffy.

What’s more, you can stream anatomy videos, write long research papers, perform medical surgery stimulations, and study your histology slides in depth.

So now that we have got it covered that you need to invest in a laptop for medical school, the question remains;

What Is The Best Laptop For Medical Students?

In short, medical students need to invest in a mid-range laptop with a fast processing power for multitasking and smooth performance. Long battery life is necessary to study for long hours. Plus, it needs to be light and compact to easily carry it back and forth from classes.

Keep in mind that the best laptop for nursing school/Veterinary/pharmacy school has the same configuration as medical school laptops.

What Are The Laptop Requirements For Medical Students?

In my experience, students, in general, don’t need a laptop that is too fancy or high-end. As for medical students, they require a laptop that can cater to all their individual needs and not let them down in critical situations.

Having said that, we have outlined a few of the most crucial things to look for when buying laptops that are best for college students in the medical field. Rest assured that all the laptops mentioned here are per these factors.

Ease Of Portability

All medicos will agree with me when I say that they spend less time on an actual desk and more trying to get places. Sounds familiar?

They keep finding themselves running from a Biochemistry class to the Anatomy class and taking lecture notes. What’s more, they have a ton of assignments and try to get important work done on the go (On your way to school/home or in the library).

Do you see where we’re going with this?

You want to get a laptop that is light & compact. It will be easier to carry around in your backpack. Plus, it won’t cause a strain on your back or shoulders. Needless to say,  Light & thin are two things common in our list of best laptops for medical students.

Storage(128GB or more, Preferably SSD)

You will require ample storage space to save your lecture notes, medical e-books, and all other learning materials. But it doesn’t stop there.

Downloading a few games, music or movies is fundamental to keep you sane during the arduous medical journey. Today, laptops come with either SSD or HDD storage.

On the one hand: If you require something faster and are willing to pay for it, state-of-the-art SSD storage is great. For another: if you prefer large storage space instead of speed and want to save some bucks, opt for the traditional HDD.


All the best laptops for medical professionals need a first-class display. Here’s why: You will frequently be required to view Histology images or stream medical videos in high definition so the minute details are not lost in the shadows.

And that’s not all. You may also need to perform medical surgery stimulations. At a minimum, you should opt for an HD(1080p) display. On the other hand, a Full HD will provide a much greater visual experience if you are willing to shell out the dough.


I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t want to spend a lifetime staring at the blank screen, waiting for a simple application to load, the CPU is a crucial factor to consider. You will need a powerful processor that will provide high performance and swiftly load applications.

You’ll be glad to know that as a medical student, you don’t have to go overboard by investing in expensive, high-end processors. A Core-i5 will work adequately if you are on a limited budget.

And if budget isn’t an issue, go for a Core-i7 or i8. And one more thing, opt for the  8th generation intel or anything above.


As a general rule of thumb: Higher the RAM, Better the Performance. As a medical student, your basic laptop needs will revolve around note-taking, watching videos, listening to music, browsing, and some light gaming.

A 4GB RAM will cover all this to ensure a smooth working experience. But set against, If you plan on running high intensive applications or multitask with multiple documents and web pages to work from, you should go for 8GB or higher.

Operating System

Good news: The software needed for Medical courses is compatible with both Mac and Windows. According to the UK College of Medicine, the Mac laptop should be a MAC OS X 10.13 High Sierra or recent, and the Windows-based laptop should be Windows 10.

A Pro Tip: Don’t immediately download the latest Apple updates unless you are certain the software used in your medical school is compatible with the latest Mac OS.

Best Laptops For Medical Students In 2022 Reviews

1. LG gram Full HD Touchscreen Laptop – All-Day Battery

LG gram Laptop for medical students

Buy On Amazon

The best thing about LG Gram is that it will last you for about 18.5 hours. You won’t have to constantly look for a nearby power supply. How can you beat that?

To be honest, it is frankly quite shocking that this best laptop for medical school can be so lightweight and still bear such an incredible battery span. It has a nanocarbon magnesium build.

What does this mean for you? You don’t only get an eye-catching display but it also adds to the durability and the toughness of LG Gram. But wait- there’s more.

Featuring a 512 GB SSD, you will never get out of storage space. Hang on to your hat because you get two of these- 512 × 2 GB SSD. Impressive, right?

If you thought this couldn’t possibly get any better, you are wrong. Incredibly lightweight(2.4lbs) and compact, you can opt for this top-rated laptop for medical students as an alternative to carrying heavy Med-books in your backpack.

Did you know that research shows carrying heavy backpacks can lead to neck, back and shoulder pain that also leads to poor posture over time?

But the GOOD NEWS? With LG Gram, you will finger crossed graduate from Med School with an erect posture. You are going to love its backlit keyboard. This will enable you to type in late-night hours.

What’s more, is that you won’t have to squint your eyes while trying to find that pen of yours. Along with this, the 4 finger multi-touch gesture supported touchpad makes this one of the best laptops to buy for medical students.

We’re not through yet. With LG Gram, your security is the priority. The fingerprint scanner ensures this. Apart from this, you can log in quickly with the mere touch of your finger.

And the wonderful thing is that you won’t have to struggle remembering your password. So this is a huge Win-Win for me as I can’t remember passwords. You’ll be glad to know that the camera on this best PC  laptop for medical students is incredible.

What I loved was that the camera was located perfectly above the screen. While most narrow bezel laptops come with a side or bottom camera, Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t the case with this best laptop for medical school. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to look up someone’s nostrils anyway, right?

Why do we like it?

It can handle your long working hours and assignment load with its incredible performance and long battery life.


Incredible battery life
Lightweight & Compact
Touchscreen Display
Impressive Storage
Spectacular Camera Quality


Slightly expensive
Speakers located towards the bottom

2. Huawei MateBook X Pro – Best for Graphic Oriented

Huawei MateBook X Pro Thin and Light Laptop

Buy On Amazon

If you are on the lookout for the best laptops for college medical students that can handle heavy graphical work, the Huawei MateBook X Pro is the way to go. Featuring the popular NVIDIA GEFORCE MX150, this is a dream come true for the GAMING ENTHUSIASTS.

Add this to a 512GB storage, let’s just say you will never need to invest in an external storage device. Another great feature is that it can multitask smoothly without any interference. Also, it has an operations speed frequency of 4.0 GHz.

What does this mean for you? The battery will last you much longer. It gets better. Sporting a sleek and minimalist Aluminum finish, you don’t have to settle for unappealing and bulky laptops anymore.

Did you know this is one of the world’s first Full View Display laptops? It features an impressive 91% screen-to-body ratio.

So you get a brilliant viewing experience by screening your files or videos on the ultra maximized screen. I loved how fun it was to write on the screen without wasting any space. And that’s just for starters.

This best laptop for Med students boasts ultra-thin bezels and superb viewing angles up to 178 degrees. Now, this is HUGE: The screen resolution on this is a massive 3K(3000 by 2000).

And this means only one thing- High Color  Accuracy. You’ll be glad to know that you can use this laptop for straight 10 to 12 hours without the need to plug it in.

To be honest, it came as a huge SURPRISE that Huawei didn’t compromise on the battery while retaining its ultra-slim feature.

I fell in love with how slim this best laptop for 3rd-year medical students was. Saying it’s only slim is an understatement. Buckle your seatbelt because It’s only HALF AN INCH THICK.

Super impressive, right? This makes it perfect for carrying to your classes every day. When it comes to prioritizing your privacy, this best laptop for medical students doesn’t disappoint.

The webcam camera is placed discreetly on the keyboard and pops up only when you require it. On a side note, it does mean that your nose will be the first thing a caller sees. And one more thing, the fingerprint scanner ensures a fast and secure log-in.

Why do We Like It?

For medical students who are gaming enthusiasts, this laptop has a sick GPU that can support some hardcore gaming.


90% screen-to-body ratio
Ultra-slim & sleek
All-day battery
Solid Performance
Fingerprint scanner
Privacy pop-up camera


Tends to heat up easily

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3. New Apple Macbook Air – Best in Aesthetics

New Apple MacBook Air

Buy On Amazon

Authentic, Fresh, and Redesigned straight from Apple, the Apple Macbook Air-13 is one of the best laptops for medical college students. Lighter than ever, this beautiful machine comes in three glorious colors – Gold, Silver, and Space Grey.

You can comfortably fit in inside your bag without feeling like you are carrying a rock. While it is super light, I loved that this doesn’t feel cramped or too teeny-weeny, unlike other laptops. What’s more, is that it sports a slick 100% recycled aluminum exterior.

News Flash: Make sure your Med school recommends the Mac OS X as some software might be incompatible with it. But it doesn’t stop there.

Although Apple devices are notorious for low battery issues, oddly enough, this isn’t the case here. The All-day battery life on this best mac laptop for medical students guarantees it wouldn’t give out on you during an important lecture.

Moreover, You will love the new key switches which add the ideal amount of weight to them. And quite frankly, it makes it just a hair short of orgasmic to type on.

It doesn’t feature a Touch Bar. But you know what? You can live without it as it starts to deteriorate after a while anyway.

Now you may think the 13 inch is too tiny, it still provides a decent working area to split-screen and multi-task. Best of all, the Retina True Tone Display will make your histology slides come to life.

Another great feature is the up to 2TB SSD which is one of the fastest Apply has ever produced. Your best apple laptop for medical students will be up and running in no time.

So what’s the catch here? This laptop tends to heat up pretty fast. If you want to use it for anything taxing like photo editing, gaming, or long video calls, the loud fan noises are a huge bummer.

Try installing a CPU temperature app to help regulate the temperature. Plus deleting the old and reinstalling provides a major battery boost and decreases fan noises too.

For the money you are paying, Apple could beef up the camera which is sad, grainy. But don’t get me wrong, It is not horrible either. The camera is very fluid which is a great PLUS.

Why do We Like It?

If you care about aesthetics and brand name just as much as you do about the overall performance and quality, Apple is one of the best laptop brands for medical students. However, prepare yourself for spending some bucks as Apple laptops are bloody expensive.


Slick Aluminum exterior
Super light & compact
Up to 2TB SSD maximum storage
All-day battery
Exhilarating typing experience


Slightly loud fan noises
Grainy camera quality

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4. Lenovo IdeaPad 710S – Highly Lightweight & Portable

Lenovo IdeaPad 710S Ultrabook laptop for medical students

Buy On Amazon

Easily the best small laptop for medical students, Lenovo IdeaPad 710S has wowed us with its super thin and sleek, silver design. The result? You get a highly portable laptop that is convenient enough to carry in and out of your classes anytime, anywhere. By the way, the premium aluminum build is what makes it ultralight.

Talking about the audio quality, it is pretty impressive that such a lightweight laptop could fill our large bedroom with the perfect rendition of Tones & I- Dance Monkey. While Lenovo’s preloaded Dolby Audio enhancement works wonders, I loved the default Music option better.

Another great feature is the spectacular screen display. You’ll be glad to know that it has all the features that you would ever need in the best laptops for medical college students- Vivid Colors, Maximum Brightness, Wide Viewing Angles, 1920 by 1080 IPS  Display.

I watched the Hobbs & Shaw trailer on it. And you know what, It was amazing how immaculate and vivid fine details were. BELIEVE IT OR NOT: I could make out the details of The Rock’s tattoos. And the best thing is that the bezels are super thin that maximizing the screen even further.

But it doesn’t stop there. The backlit keyboard offers a brilliant typing experience. One thing that bugged me was the placement of the left Ctrl key and the right Shift key.

But the GOOD NEWS is that you get used to it. The touchpad on this best windows laptop for medical students is incredibly precise and responsive though.

Here’s another cool thing. With a laptop so thin, you would think it would feature only a few ports. But surprisingly, it offers a pretty decent amount of connectivity- Two USB 3.0 ports, a mini HDMI port, an SD card reader, a headphone jack. Too bad there isn’t a USB Type-C.

Featuring the Core i7-6560U and 8GB RAM, multitasking on this device is a breeze. Whether you have video tabs running in the background or other programs, this best Lenovo laptop for medical students will keep up like a pro. And one more thing.

With a battery life of up to 8 hours, this is not bad for the price tag Lenovo IdeaPad 710S comes with. Also, it comes with a super long cable. So if you are about to marathon your assignments, just plug it in and you are good to go.

Why do We Like It?

We love how light and thin it is. Coupled with an amazing sound system and solid performance, this ultraportable notebook deserves a place in your bag.


Superb audio quality
Lightweight & Portable
Sharp HD Display
Powerful Multitasking performance
Backlit keyboard


Poor Webcam quality
Confusing Keyboard placement

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5. ASUS VivoBook S – Rich Display & Aesthetically Pleasing

ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop

Buy On Amazon

I am sure you are going to love this. One of the best laptops for medical students, it weighs merely 3.7lbs with a 0.7-inch profile. What it means is that you can easily carry it to your lectures without adding to the weight of your already heavy backpack.

And the best part? You will turn quite a few heads with its ultra-sleek exterior and spectacular color range including Icicle Gold, Gun Metal, Silver Blue, Star Grey, and Firmament Green.

It gets better. Arguably the best laptop for medical students in the UK, it features the latest 8th generation IntelCore i5 processor with 8GB RAM. Loosely translated, this means that you can multitask smoothly and run multiple applications simultaneously without a glitch.

While the storage of 256 GB SSD+1 TB HDD is pretty great on its own, the GOOD NEWS is that you can extend the storage capacity with an external device.

You’ll be happy to know that the fingerprint scanner will keep your laptop secure and quick to log in. Here’s the best thing. This top laptop for medical students is equipped with an ergonomic backlit keyboard.

Now, what does ergonomic mean? You can work long hours on a laptop without risking your physical health. Not only that but the backlit keyboard also helps you type in dim lights.

Speaking from experience, this comes incredibly handy when you don’t want to disturb your roommate by turning on the table lamp while working through the night.

Another great feature of this best laptop for medical students under $1000 is the 15.6 inches & 1920 by 1080 HD display. You can view videos in perfectly vibrant colors with meticulous attention to detail.

Now, this is very important for medical students as they need to view images and videos in high definition so the details are not lost in the shadows. Unfortunately, battery life came as a slight disappointment. But the GOOD NEWS is that it will still last you for a solid 5 to 8 hours.

Why do We Like It?

It comes in several breathtaking colors and is incredibly sleek and aesthetically pleasing. For a show-off like me, this is a huge plus.


Fingerprint Scanner
Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard
Crisp HD Display
Powerful Performance
Available in 5 spectacular colours


Short Battery Life
Average Camera Quality

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6. HP Elite x2 1012 G1 – Best 2-in-1 Convertible for Taking Notes

HP Elite X2 1012 G1 Detachable 2-IN-1 Business Tablet Laptop for medical students

Buy On Amazon

Swift, lustrous, and a phenomenal combination of power and versatility, this best 2-in-1 laptop for medical students appreciates the colossal burden Medicos carry in the form of books and equipment.

Why do I say this? With this ultra-lightweight touchscreen laptop, you don’t have to carry a separate tablet or notebook to your classes for taking notes.

Simply detach the screen from the keyboard, turn it into tablet mode and start taking notes. But it doesn’t stop there. The best part is you get the HP Active pen included in the package.

Apart from this, the sleek black-silver exterior with its brushed Aluminium framework and chrome-polished hp logo gives off a stylish and professional look that will undoubtedly make it stand out in a roomful of laptops.

What we loved the most about this best hp laptop for medical students was the back-lit, responsive and comfortable keyboard.

What’s more, with the 8GB RAM and Intel Core M5-6Y54 processor, rest assured you can work pretty fast and multitask without any stuttering.

It comes with 256GB SSD storage which will be enough for saving plenty of your academic files. If you think this couldn’t get any better, you are wrong. It features built-in micro SD slots for added storage.

Coming to the display, the 12 inches LED back-lit touch screen with 1920 by 1080 resolution will make your content come to life on the dazzling screen.

I watched an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the iconic Central Perk coffee house never looked brighter. And you know what else? The screen of this best laptop tablet for medical students is constructed with corning gorilla glass 4.

What this means is that your screen will strongly resist damage from a fall or scratches. But there’s one problem.

While testing, we noticed that battery life wasn’t great. But the GOOD NEWS is that you can easily get by on 8 to 10 hours of battery by minimizing the screen brightness and turning the keyboard or Screen backlit turned off.

Another awesome feature is the dual webcam-front & back. Speaking from this experience, this comes incredibly handy when you want to have a group discussion with friends and professors.

Now that most of the classes are conducted online, this is a WIN-WIN situation. One feature that didn’t impress us on one of the top 10 laptops for medical students was the audio quality.

The volume was barely audible and the overall quality was low. Surprisingly, the speakers are Bang & Olufsen which are generally awesome.

The solution? All you have to do is get Bluetooth speakers or better yet, use headphones. Besides, we would have been happier if Windows Office 365 was already preloaded.

Why do We Like It?

Light & portable for everyday use, this laptop/Tablet is perfect for note-taking or working whole on the go.


Replace your laptop
3-year warranty
Replace your Tablet
Resistant Corning Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
Super light & Compact
Well-spaced, backlit, comfortable keyboard


Average Audio quality
Limited Battery Span

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7. Acer Aspire 5 Slim – Best Budget Laptop for Medical Students

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop for medical students

Buy On Amazon

Being a medical student, things can get super expensive. There is tuition, textbooks, learning equipment, and the list goes on. It’s only natural that you wouldn’t want your laptop to break the bank but still don’t want to settle for a mediocre one either.

Fortunately, you’re in luck with this gorgeous black Acer Aspire 5. Equipped with the powerful AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor and 4GB RAM, this is arguably the best laptop for medical students under $500.

What this means is that you can navigate quickly between web pages and the programs don’t take a lifetime to load. What I loved the most was the solid build quality which can withstand major abuse from carrying it around in your backpack all day with the rest of your stuff.

While most laptops this cheap have a mediocre TN display, this has an LED-backlit HD IPS display with fantastic viewing angles. The result? You get a crisp, matte screen that is ideal for media consumption.

And best of all, the backlit keyboard turns off automatically when not typing and doesn’t bother you while watching videos. The 4GB RAM and the 128GB SSD on this best laptop for medical students are good enough on their own.

But let’s suppose it falls short, you can easily upgrade by adding another SSD drive or RAM slots for a few bucks only. You see, a few inexpensive upgrades are all you need to get the same specs as other expensive laptops. Amazing, isn’t it?

For this price, there is honestly not much to complain about but here are the problems. Firstly, the keyboard feels somewhat cramped and typing can get slightly noisy. I wasn’t a great fan of the speakers either.

You will be better off using headphones. You should know that this laptop comes with Windows S mode. What makes this so special? This is a security mode where you can only download from the Windows store to avoid downloading viruses.

Now, this can be a giant pain in the rear sometimes but the good news is that you can opt-out of it for FREE. But remember: Once you put it out of the S model, you can’t put it back on.

Why do We Like It?

For medical students who don’t have a lot of cash to spare but don’t want to skimp on quality either, this laptop is a blessing.


Zero Learning Curve
Superb Overall Performance
Crisp Display
Backlit Keyboard
Fully upgradeable


Noisy & Cramped Keyboard
Crappy Speakers

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How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer?

Now that you have invested in a laptop, here’s how you make sure your laptop lasts throughout your arduous medical journey. Let’s be honest here. Nobody has the kind of money to keep buying a brand new laptop at the start of every year, right?

– Don’t stash your laptop along with your heavy textbooks and equipment. Try allocating a separate compartment within the bag or better yet, a separate padded case altogether.

– Keep your laptop safe & sound away from the elements, particularly, water. Worst case scenario, liquid spills on your laptop. Here’s how you minimize any damages.

– Try and keep your laptop cool to ensure maximum performance. If your laptop does heat up, here’s how you can cool it down.

– Keep all your anti-virus software, OS, and other apps up-to-date.

– Carry a periodic cleaning of your laptop to avoid the accumulation of any dust particles or food crumbs.

Ending Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide of the best laptops for medical students will help make your medical journey easier by ensuring you end up with a laptop that will comply with all your individual needs and requirements.

While a medical student doesn’t need to invest in an expensive high configuration laptop, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mediocre one that lacks good features and performance.

This list has been formulated keeping all the needs of a medical student in mind along with entertainment features including light gaming. Undoubtedly, you won’t go wrong with any one of the laptops on this list. Trust me. It’ll be all worth it.

So what’s stopping you?

Carefully go through our guide and choose the laptop which ticks all the right boxes for you while falling within your budget. Stay connected for more articles.

Share with friends or family who are entering into medical school and might this guide be useful. Happy Studying!

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