Many people asked us this question that what are the advantages of a Chromebook? Today we have answered that in detail for you. Chromebooks are progressing quickly and are becoming more popular day by day. They are more common among the students because they are way cheaper and perform most of the functions efficiently. Looking at the lower price tag, anyone with common sense will understand that the price is not low for no reason. There must be some limitations in exchange with those concessions. So what are the disadvantages of a Chromebook?

Obviously, nothing can be perfect: Chromebooks, like anything else, have downsides and may not be ideal for everyone. As a result, before choosing a product, it is important to understand the shortcomings of Chromebooks.
Before we proceed to discuss the drawbacks, let’s talk about what a Chromebook is.

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A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet computer that operates on Chrome’s operating system (ChromeOS). It can be used when connected to the internet and doesn’t offer offline storage and all the data is saved in a cloud. However, apps for offline use can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

They are much more secure when it comes to virus protection, as well as provide automatic updates which mean you won’t be getting those annoying notifications about updates.

Aside from Google Chromebooks, competitors such as HP, Lenovo, and Dell are also selling Chromebooks which means the competition is getting better every day.

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A Chromebook may look exactly like a normal laptop but there are some major differences between both. The main difference is the operating system. Just like a MacBook runs on the MacOS and many laptops works on Windows, a Chromebook operates on the new ChromeOS.

Another difference is the storage. Laptops provide offline storage such as a hard disk in addition to cloud storage while Chromebook uses only a Cloud for data storage. However, ports and slots for USB and other external devices are available.

Just like an android phone, hundreds of apps can be downloaded on a Chromebook from Play store. But the storage is very low so some of the installed apps will be sacrificed before you download new ones.
The main reason users buy a Chromebook is that they are lightweight as well as light on wallet. Because they lack a hard disk, the price and weight both are reduced.

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The battery life is also far superior to that of competing laptops.


Back to the topic, let’s discuss the problems with Chromebook.

Limited Storage

Chromebooks typically feature around 32GB of available capacity which is way too less for a laptop but they compensate it with providing a cloud storage but many people don’t feel secure when using it.

This means you’ll need adjust to the new concept of putting all of your stuff on Google’s Cloud System, or you’ll have to do with the built-in storage or use external storage devices.

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No Microsoft Software Supported

A Chromebook will not support Microsoft software which means you’ll need to find a replacement for MS office, word, excel etc.

Those who rely on such applications for work might want to avoid purchasing a Chromebook.

Limited Multimedia Support

Chrome OS has fairly restricted help for multimedia content. This is extremely important to consider if you are a photo or video editor.

This is because a windows laptop will allow you to install and use a wide range of applications and software but ChromeOS doesn’t offer this type of flexibility.

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There Is No Photoshop

Chromebooks do not support Adobe desktop software applications. You will turn to online apps such as Pixlr.
These online picture editing tools are suitable for most simple photo editing tasks but are not intended for professional photo editing.

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Not for Gamers

If gaming is your hobby, stay away from Chromebooks. There are a few explanations for this.

● Video games are not supported by Chromebooks.
● There is not enough storage for games such as GTA, The wither, Battlefield or COD.
● The system is not strong enough to handle games.

However, cloud gaming services such as GeForce NOW can be used to play games but the experience isn’t going to be as amazing as a windows laptop.

Requires Internet Connection

To get the best out of a Chromebook, you will need to have an internet access at all times. The Chromebook does allow you to operate some tasks even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, but the usefulness is somewhat restricted. Google Drive allows users to enjoy downloaded movies and music, play installed games, and edit projects.

Not all applications support offline activity so the options are very limited. Though on Windows or Mac, you might keep working no matter what your internet connection status is, but a Chromebook is not offering this service.

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Speed Problems

Although a Chromebook is known for a high speed and efficient work, it can depend on the speed of your internet. Because all operations are performed in the cloud, the speed of your internet connection has an impact on the performance of Chromebooks especially while performing activities such as retrieving and downloading files.

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Printing from the Cloud

A printer cannot be connected to a Chromebook, unlike ordinary computers. However, this does not restrict you from printing from a Chromebook.

Chromebooks utilize Google’s Cloud print invention to get your work imprinted on a printer. This simply implies that instead of sending your work to a connected printer, Chromebooks will send your documents through the web to a Cloud prepared printer.

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When getting a Chromebook, there are some issues to keep in mind. While there are numerous benefits of owning a compact, low-cost laptop like this, it may not be ideal for everyone in every career field. For example, if you are a teenager who uses it to make notes and keep a record of your schoolwork, this might be an excellent choice for you because to its lighter, affordable, and fast. It might also be a good alternative if you’re searching for a backup laptop for things like Facebook and Gmail, as well as casual web browsing. But then again, stay away from them if you are a gamer, professional editor or use Microsoft software for work regularly. Also, if are worried about a cloud’s security, you don’t want to get yourself stressed by getting a laptop that relies completely on a cloud.

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